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Psychological First Aid Certification - Blended

Psychological First Aid Certification - Blended

One hour online + One day in class


This wellbeing centred course helps participants identify practical skills to respond to stress in themselves and others.  


Participants will participate in a self-directed online lesson about self-care before attending a one day in-class session focused on helping others.


Community resiliency is built through preparedness.  Learning and practicing healthy coping strategies will help us respond and move through difficulty better.  


  • Course Details

    Psychological First Aid prepares individuals to respond to stress in themselves and others.

    Individuals who would benefit from this course could include:

    • Individuals who desire practical skills to support them self and those they support through stress, crisis, trauma, or grief, etc.

    • Disaster/Emergency Management Personnel

    • Professional Responders - eg Firefighters, Paramedics, Police, etc.

    • Those who professionally care for others - eg Nurses, PSWs, Crisis Workers, DSW, Teachers, Family Care Givers, etc.

    • Community Groups

    • Indigenous Groups

    • Workplaces


    This program addresses topics such as:

    • Self-Care

    • Personal Protection

    • Loss

    • Trauma

    • Stress

    Included Materials:

    - Psychological First Aid Workbook:

    The workbook is a place for learners to capture their thoughts, reflections, and learning as they engage with the program exercises. 

    - Look, Listen, Link Live cards:

    Each card includes the key component fo that particular action within the Look, Listen, Link, Live cycle.  These cards are tactile takeaways that participants can reference in the future.  

  • What is Psychological First Aid

    Psychological First Aid can be provided at the time of an incident or in the days, months or even years following.  It is not counselling or professional services and should be seen similarly to the actions of a person rendering First Aid for an illness or injury.  An individual needs assessment determines if the first aider will render care themselves, or connect the ill/injured person with more advanced care.  

  • Cancellation Policy

    Thank you for choosing PUSH For Life.  It is our aim to provide excellent customer service and to arrange rescheduling with participants in a timely manner whenever possible.

    Refund for cancellation 7 business days before your course:

    We will happily provide a refund for the in-class portion of a course that was cancelled  7 business days (or greater) prior to the scheduled in-class  training.

    Refund for cancellation 3 - 6 business days before your course :

    If a course is cancelled during this timeframe there will be an administrative charge of $40 per participant and the remaining in-class portion of funds will be returned.

    Refund for cancellation less than 2 business days before your course:

    Unfortunately we will not be able to offer a refund with less than 2 business days notice of cancellation.

    Course Cancellations by Push For Life:

    When it is determined that a course has not reached minimum capacity, or the instructor has become unavailable due to illness or emergency, participants will be given the opportunity to reschedule.  If rescheduling is not agreeable the participant will receive a full refund for the in-class portion of their training.

    Please find our full Cancellation Policy here:

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