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Preventing Disease Transmission (PDT)

Preventing Disease Transmission (PDT)

Prevention is key for workplace health and safety.

Protecting the safety of employees is essential to ensure they can work effectively. When workers feel confident that they have the skills and knowledge to keep themselves and others safe, they perform better, and are less likely to require absences from work due to illness.

The Red Cross Preventing Disease Transmission (PDT) online course is designed to help organizations meet public health guidelines, and is suitable to all audiences, including those who work in front-line service delivery, retail, community and social services, and those who work with vulnerable populations.

  • Course Content:

    This course focuses primarily on understanding how infection occurs and how participants can use personal protective equipment and good prevention of disease transmission practices to reduce their risk of infection. Topics include:


    • How to prevent infection and prevent pathogens from entering the body. 
    • The different ways diseases are transmitted and the role of immunization. 
    • Proper handwashing techniques. 
    • How to use personal protective equipment (PPE) correctly, including donning and doffing a medical gown, a mask, protective eyewear, and gloves.  
    • How to safely dispose of PPE.
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