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Basic Life Support (BLS/HCP) (*includes AED training) Course Dates

Basic Life Support (BLS/HCP) (*includes AED training) Course Dates

4-6 Hour Course

1 Year Certification

  • Basic Life Support (HCP)

    This health care provider level course takes a team approach to CPR with a focus on high-performance CPR.  Basic Life Support inncorporates advanced skills requiring participants to develop a deeper understanding of resuscitation.   This course is applicable and recommended for First Responders, Nurses, Dentists, and students of these professions.

    * Basic Life Support is a 1 year certification.

    ** HCP levle CPR has been replaced by BLS (Basic Life Support).

    3 Variations:

    BLS only

    BLS w/ Airway Management

    BLS w/ Airway Management & Oxygen Therapy

  • Course Topics Include:

    • Legal & Ethical Issues - Responsive vs Unresponsive, Abandonment, Advance Directives.
    • Basic Life Support Skills - Jaw Thrust, Pulse, Agonal Respirations
    • High Performance CPR - High-quality CPR, Bag Valve Mask, Defibrillaton
    • Special considerations for: Trauma, Hypothermia, Opioid Overdose, Anaphylaxis, Medication delivery,
    • Airway Obstrucation - Anatomical vs Mechanical, Interventions
    • Team Communicaton - Closed-Loop communication, Roles, Debrief, Quality Improvement


  • Cancellation Polic

    Thank you for choosing PUSH For Life.  It is our aim to provide excellent customer service and to arrange rescheduling with participants in a timely manner whenever possible.

    Refund for cancellation 7 business days before your course:

    We will happily provide a refund for the in-class portion of a course that was cancelled  7 business days (or greater) prior to the scheduled in-class  training.

    Refund for cancellation 3 - 6 business days before your course :

    If a course is cancelled during this timeframe there will be an administrative charge of $40 per participant and the remaining in-class portion of funds will be returned.

    Refund for cancellation less than 2 business days before your course:

    Unfortunately we will not be able to offer a refund with less than 2 business days notice of cancellation.

    Course Cancellations by Push For Life:

    When it is determined that a course has not reached minimum capacity, or the instructor has become unavailable due to illness or emergency, participants will be given the opportunity to reschedule.  If rescheduling is not agreeable the participant will receive a full refund for the in-class portion of their training.

    Please find our full cancellation policy here:

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