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  • Emergency First Aid & CPR Certification

    According to Regulation 1101, all workplaces in Ontario covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA) must provide First Aid training to their employees.

    For workplaces with 5 or fewer people working on any shift, at least 1 must have an Emergency First Aid certificate.

    For workplaces with 6 or more people working on any shift, at least 1 must have a Standard First Aid certificate.

    Workplaces must have at least one person on site at all times who has a valid first aid certificate.

  • Get your feet wet with the basics:

    Designed for the workplace as well as the home, this one day cousre prepares the participant to respond to the most emergent of situations.  

    First Aiders are invaluable.  Good samaritans who act quickly can dramatically affect the survival rates of injured persons because they often arrive before emergency services, and can start life-saving procedures sooner.

    Help youself and your loved ones by registering for Emergency First Aid training today.

    Course Topics Include:

    • Responding to Emergencies– Preparedness, First Aid Kits, Chain of Survival, Lowering the risk of infection.
    • Check, Call, Care– How to prioritize your actions when responding
    • Choking Procedures- Adults, Children and Infants
    • Circulation Emergencies– Angina, Heart Attack, Stroke, Life threatening bleeding, Tourniquets.
    • CPR & Defibrillator (AED) Use- Adults, Children, and Infants
    • Breathing Emergencies– Asthma, Anaphylaxis
    • Wound Care– Burns, Cuts & Scrapes, Impaled Objects, Amputations, etc.
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    Thank you for choosing PUSH for Life. 

    Cancellation Policy: Cancellation 7 days prior to event = full (100%) refund | Cancellation 3 - 6 days prior to event = $30 admin. fee/participant | Cancellation < 48 hours preceding an event = No refund.

    Billing Policy: We thank you for your business and kindly request that you submit payment for outstanding invoices within 30 days.  Unpaid invoices will begin to incur interest at a rate of 5%/month, after 60 days past due.

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