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Psychological First Aid

Learn to support yourself and others

during times of stress

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These preventative resilience based programs aim to reduce the impact of stressful events.

Stress often comes when we feel out of control.  These supportive programs teach four actions that will help individuals recognize signs of distress in themselves and others, as well as developing skills to respond to the stress well. 

Psychological First Aid training has been shown to reduce the formation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) and can improve the response to therapy for some who are experiencing PTSD.

The tools and skills learned in Psychological First Aid can be benefitted from best when we implement them and re-visit what we learned often.  We encourage you to sign up for our Self-Care workshops as a supplement and encouragement to your training and as an encouragement to yourself to keep learning and growing.  

Course Descriptions

Online courses are self-paced. Participants may leave the course at any time and can resume where they left off. The duration will vary depending on the individual learner and their prior knowledge of the subject matter.

Psychological First Aid: Self-Care (Online)

45-90 minutes

This online course assists learners in developing a personal understanding of the effects of stress, loss, trauma and grief, with emphasis on self-care and personal protection. Learners will learn how to cope with the effects of various types of stress.
This course should be taken in combination with the Psychological First Aid - Caring for Others online course to supplement and strengthen an overall wellness program.
*Pre-requisite to 1 Day - Blended Learning Psychological First Aid Certification Course ($180)

Psychological First Aid: Caring For Others (Online)

45-90 minutes

This online course provides a daily aid to respond to the stresses of life, and helps participants gain an understanding of how to recognize when a someone is experiencing distress as well as how to offer help without judgement or assumptions.
Participants learn how to support others to cope with the effects of various types of stress.
Combine this course with the Psychological First Aid - Self-Care online course as a foundation and further support to existing wellness education programs.
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