Summer Safety Kit

Summer Safety Kit

Be prepared for day trip this summer with our Summer Safety Kits.  They are great gifts for parents :)  Just what you need in a small (4"x 6") portable pouch. Includes a belt loop that can ealily attach to a back pack or stroller. 



1 - Instant Cold Compress

1- CPR Face Shield w/ One Way Valve

2- Insect Sting "After-Bite" Pads

2- Hand Cleansing Towelettes

5 - Plastic Adhesive Bandages

5- Jr. Plastic Adhesive Bandages

12- Cotton TiP Applicators

1 - Cetrimide Cream 0.5% 

1 - Paramedic Scissors

1- Tweezers

1- Lip Balm

2 - Nitrile Gloves

1- First Aid Pocket Guide