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Summer Safety First Aid Kit

Summer Safety First Aid Kit

Don't be fooled by its size! Designed with short day trips and parents in mind, this kit has a range of bandages for minor wound care, tweezers for tick removal, a triangular bandage for slings, splints or bleeding, not to mention a small packet of sun screen - just in case you forgot.  In the preparedness department this little bag really packs a versitile punch.

  • Contents

    • First Aid Mini-Manual
    • Adhesive Bandages (4)
    • Adhesive Wrap
    • Antibotic Ointment (Individually Wrapped) (4)
    • Cotton Tip Applicators (12)
    • Triangular Bandage
    • Instant Cold Pack
    • CPR Face Shield (2)
    • Gloves (2 pairs)
    • Bandage Scissors
    • Metal Tweezers
    • Hand Cleansing Wipes (2)
    • After Bite Swabs (2)
    • Sunscreen Packet
    • Lip Balm
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