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SaveStation Outdoor Tower Bundle (CHPP)

SaveStation Outdoor Tower Bundle (CHPP)

The SaveStation Tower Bundle includes:

  • Heated, Ventilated, Monitored SaveStation Tower
  • Zoll 3 AED & Response Kit
  • Outdoor Instructional Sign
  • Custom pannel for branding or dedication
  • 10% off First Aid & CPR certification training with Push For Life


Includes an outdoor electrical kit with power supply, waterproof junction box, pre-electrical set & installation guide. Please refer to Local Jurisdiction Electrical requirements. Installation to be performed by a Certified Electrician only.

*Price does not include installation

  • Conditions

    By purchasing a SaveStation through the Community Health PAD Program, you are entering into a partnership ,designed to assist individuals in learning how to use and maintain their new AED and SaveStation.

    *Installation is not included. 

  • Payment

    Purchasers must agree to sign a partnership agreement and pay a non-refundable 50% downpayment at the time of purchase.  The remaining 50% is due within 60 days, or on delivery, which ever occurs first.

    Payments processed via credit card will encour a 3% charge.

    Payments may be made in cash.

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