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5 Reasons We Love Our Masks

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Not everyone loves wearing a mask but here are some reasons you might fall in love with this one.

1. This mask is comfortable! Not only is it made of a light weight cotton and polyester, the more you wear it the more comfortable it becomes. I honestly think my mask has become like an old pair of jeans :) I am also comforted by a study that I came across suggesting that a combination of cotton and polyester layered together may provide superior filtration (in and out of the mask) than other fabrics.

2. Our masks meet Public Health guidelines. Recently Chief Publi c Health Officer Theresa Tam recommended that we wear a 3 layer mask. Beefing up your mask could be better protection during the winter months while we are in-doors more often and perhaps closer to each other as well.

3. The AntiMama fits like an N95 for better protection. We can only enjoy protection from our masks if they fit properly. We have all seen someone walking around with their nose hanging out, or those who wear a mask that simply do not fit. Our masks have separate nose and chin flaps sewn onto the main face covering. Inside of the nose flap there is a wire to ensure that the mask makes close contact with the skin for a better seal. Our masks also come in several sizes.

4. Our masks are stylish. When sourcing a mask I was looking for something that would be versatile for my work and home life. Why not see our masks as an accessory to express ourselves. It was important to me that I could wear something of quality that would last multiple washes, while supporting an active and professional lifestyle. I think these masks hit the mark.

5. My children love to wear their masks. After a long hiatus from public ventures, my children saw their masks as an exciting means to access the outside world. As schools reopened in September of 2020 they joyfully sported their masks on the bus. To our amazement they carefully cared for their masks each day and we have yet to loose them lol. As our children once again return to school after yet another ‘shut-down’, I feel more comfortable knowing they will be wearing a high quality mask.

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